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Islands District

The Islands District is one of the 18 districts of Hong Kong. It is part of the New Territories. It had a population of 170,900 in 2018.Hong Kong consists of a peninsula and 263 islands. The Islands District consists of some twenty large and small islands which lie to the south and southwest of Hong Kong. Notable areas that are part of the Islands District include Chek Lap Kok, the reclaimed island on which Hong Kong International Airport is located, Tung Chung on northern Lantau near the airport, and Discovery Bay, a large private residential area on eastern Lantau.


Tung Chung

Tung Chung, meaning "eastern stream", is an area on the northwestern coast of Lantau Island, Hong Kong. One of the most recent new towns, it was formerly a rural fishing village beside Tung Chung Bay, and along the delta and lower courses of Tung Chung River and Ma Wan Chung in the north-western coast of Lantau Island. The area was once an important defence stronghold against pirates and foreign military during the Ming and the Qing dynasties.

Chek Lap Kok

Chek Lap Kok is an island in the western waters of Hong Kong's New Territories. Unlike the smaller Lam Chau, it was only partially leveled when it was assimilated via land reclamation into the 12.48 square kilometres (4.82 sq mi) island for the current Hong Kong International Airport, which opened for commercial aviation in 1998. The airport is popularly referred to as Chek Lap Kok Airport to distinguish it from the former Hong Kong International Airport, now commonly known as Kai Tak Airport (啟德機場).


Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is located in the northern part of Lantau Island, spanning 126 hectares, and it is a world-class family vacation destination. You can easily reach it by taking the MTR Disneyland Resort Line, with train cars and stations filled with the atmosphere of the park. Inside the resort, there are multiple themed areas, including Tomorrowland, Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, and World of Frozen, offering various thrilling rides and themed performances. Classic cartoon characters also roam the park, interacting with visitors. The resort boasts numerous dining facilities and regularly hosts parades and fireworks displays. Additionally, the resort offers themed hotels for a full immersion into the magical world of Disney.

Lantau Island

Lantau Island is located in the southwest of Hong Kong and is the largest island in the territory, boasting a rich history and abundant natural landscapes. The island features ancient villages, modern infrastructure such as the international airport and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, as well as a spectacular cable car system. Over half of the land is designated as country parks, offering enchanting hiking trails like the Lantau Trail and historic stone paths. Beaches such as Silver Mine Bay and Pui O, along with historical buildings and landmarks like the Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin Monastery, also attract visitors seeking exploration and relaxation.

Outlying Islands

The outlying islands are perfect for visitors seeking a tranquil getaway. Among them, Cheung Chau is renowned for its cuisine, offering the chance to savor delicacies like "big fish balls" and fresh seafood; Tai O stands out with its distinctive stilt houses and preserved fishing village charm; Lamma Island is an ideal spot for a relaxed lifestyle and hiking, with a bohemian atmosphere; Peng Chau is emerging as an art island, featuring ceramics workshops and street art; Po Toi Island, situated at Hong Kong's southernmost point, is famous for its peculiar rock formations and seaweed; Tap Mun (Grass Islands) boasts a scenic grassy field by the sea, perfect for picnics and sunset gazing; Tung Ping Chau is a geological park with unique rock formations and coral stones; Kiu Tsui Chau (Sharp Island) offers beaches and snorkeling opportunities, suitable for water activities; Yim Tin Tsai preserves its salt production history and showcases cultural relics; while Kat O and Ap Chau are islands seemingly frozen in time, brimming with geological wonders and cultural heritage.

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